Easttower commander

The Tower Skeleton is the Commander Skeleton of the East Tower in the Compound of Death in the Dimension of Death. He craved Connor's mortal soul. He was wearing Light Chain Mail armor that made him near invincible. Conner's fought him on the top of the tower finally knocking him over the edge. The commander yelled, "NOOOOOOOOOOO" as he fell, shattering into pieces when he hit the bottom, proving Connor's soul was not for the taking. Connor took his armor as it was an upgrade over the Leather Breastplate he had been wearing previously.

Behind the scenesEdit

According to the debug mode this is known as the tower skeleton, and referred to as such in the programmer notes in 2000.msg.

This character has his own unique texture in the files.

If you climb the tower and enter into the battle with an invisibility potion, he can see through it, and will comment that the potion will not work.

He will also comment if you try to use projectile weapons. Connor will put away his weapon and switch back to his hand weapon.

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