The Town Hall is the political center of the city of Falderal. It is where Fifi le Yipyap and the rest of the Falderal Folk were holding a masquerade ball. It also holds weird stairs, the archduke's study, as well as a secret passageway in the powder room that leads to the Vulcanix Underground.



Weird Stairs (Stair Maze)Edit

The assembly leads to a weird staircase that leads to the rest of the Town Hall, including the Archduke's study, and the powder room.

Archduke's Study (Duke's Study)Edit

Powder RoomEdit

Inside are cherub statues decorating the powder room in Falderal's Town Hall. The walls are lined with mirrors (one of which is boarded up). At the base of a statue of Cupid was a tarnished plaque, which Rosella wiped clean with a woolen stocking. Rosella fed it a grape of gold to open the secret passageway to the Vulcanix Underground.

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