Trees are medium to large plants growing throughout many of the lands of Daventry.


Trees are the proof of Graham's father's adage "Nothing is as it appears!" In Daventry, trees double as homes, hideouts, treasure repositories, places to hide weapons, and monsters. Rosella met the latter after her escape from the ogre in Tamir. While she was in the ogre's house, she took a sharp ax and was carrying it as she fled into the scary forest. The trees there are endowed with a rudimentary kind of life, and they like to snatch up anyone who comes within the grasp of their limbs. Death comes crushingly to the trees' victims.

Rosella was able to escape their clutches by swinging the ax at them. She gained their dim respect, and they left her alone afterwards. It is the way with those trees; if one stands up to them, they get scared and back down. Indeed, one might say that their bark is worse than their bite.

The Ents, the trees in the scary forest are not at all like the trees in the Land of Oz. There, in Gilliken country, is a grove of willows that bother people by laughing at them as they pass by. They are cousins, of course, to the weeping willows. There are also stories of trees that throw their apples at a person if they try to pick them.[1]

Trees may be cut down and used for wood, of such types as 'cherrywood'[2][3] , 'teak', 'oak', 'pine', or 'mohagany' are popular.

The bark from oak trees can be turned into ink, and was known to be used by the wizard Manannan. He kept bottles of oak bark ink on the desk in his study.

Types of treesEdit

Golden oaks[4]
Dwarf Maple[9]
Silver pines[11]
White birch trees
Crab apples
  • Walnut trees
  • Cherry[18]
wild cherry trees[19]

Fruit from treesEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The topic of 'trees' is a topic inside of the An Encyclopedia of Daventry.

'Ceder' is a word understood in the parser for some of the pine trees in KQ1 remake. The correct spelling should be 'cedar'.


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