The Trident is a weapon belonging to King Neptune.


Graham discovered the rusty and corroded trident in the grass near the beach of Kolyma. It had been lost by King Neptune. Graham found it and returned it, and received the Bottle and the first Magical Key in return.

The trident has the ability control the creatures of the sea with only a wave, such as opening clams. When it can destroy enemies by pointing at them and shooting electricity at them.[1]

Graham had been traveling, climbing over and between surf-washed boulders, staying true to his course, when he spotted a pointed object glinting in the grass. In truth, there were three points on the artifact. Rusty and corroded, it looked much like an elaborate pitchfork. Graham had come across a trident, symbol of the ancient gods of the sea. Ancient indeed did it appear, and out of place, as if it had been washed upon land by a thieving wave and left to be ravaged by the other deities of earth, wind, and fire. How long it had lain uncovered is a mystery. It's age was great, and felt ancient.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The trident can be given back to King Neptune or it can be waved at the clam to open it. It shouldn't be given back to King Neptune, if you steal the key.

It shouldn't be given to the mermaid either.[3] She will return if you go back to the screen, and you can go into the sea. But King Neptune will have the trident already, and will kill you the moment you enter his throne room.

When the companion speaks of 'ancient gods' of the sea its probably referring to both Neptune and Triton.


  1. Narrator (KQ2): "With a cold look in his eye, King Neptune takes the rusty trident and points it at you. You feel a powerful surge of electricity, and then ... nothing. You have died at the bottom of the ocean.
  2. KQC2E, 72
  3. Narrator (KQ2): "You hand the rusty trident to the mermaid. Oh, no! She dives into the water and disappears with it! Now she's gone.

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