Look to the fables and fairy stories of yore for clues. Leave no stone unturned, no avenue unexplored, and you will triumph in your Quest.

The world of King's Quest is a world of high fantasy, perilous quests, and legendary adventure. It is a world where courage triumphs over adversity, and where bravery is royally rewarded.

Behind the scenesEdit

Triumph" is a common theme mentioned older King's Quest lore, especially in the manuals, which discussed the ultimate goal was to 'triumph' in one's quest. In KQ8, Connor is told that only with the mask returned will he triumph.

The King's Quest games are stories. Good stories. Stories not about shooting or kung-fuing things up, or hacking monsters to taco-sized bits with the magic sword of Whatchamacallit, but stories about people and their magical adventures. Their heartbreaks and their triumphs. Stories anyone - old, young, in-between, or non-committal - can enjoy.

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