Troll Soup is a type of soup or stew.


The Troll Cook was preparing trolls' stew, a type of troll soup, while not made from troll, it was just as unappetizing. Ingredients included a touch of frog lips, a dash of mouse noses, a sprinkling of spider legs, and when he could find it tender rats or juicy bats.[1][2] It was unappetizing to Rosella.[3]

Rosella thought the Mud Bath looked like Troll Soup, and it was not the most appetizing thought she had.[4]It was more literally 'made of trolls'...


  1. Cook: "All right then! Just a touch of frog lips! A dash of mouse noses! A sprinkling of spider legs!", "(LOVINGLY)You are so wonderful! You are the most beautiful stew in the world. All you need is...a juicy bat! Or a tender rat! Mmmmmm!", "(CAJOLING)Don't worry, my little stew. You're safe from that dreadful girl. Her peasant lips will never touch you.", "(EXCITED)A juicy, tender rat! Just what I need for my stew! C'mere, you little tidbit!"
  2. KQC4E, pg 337
  3. Rosella (KQ7):"Yech! Troll soup!"
  4. KQC4E, pg 336

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