The Troll lived in the caves behind the waterfall in Tamir. Rosella had to traverse the troll's caves to reach the Swamp where the Magic Fruit grew.[1]


This is not a nice guy at all! He inhabits the Troll Cave behind the waterfall in Tamir. Unfortunately, anyone who intends to reach the Swamp must go through the cave to reach the other side. They must avoid him. Rosella had to go through the cave to reach the magic fruit.[2]

It may be a mountain troll.

Behind the scenesEdit

Known as the 'Troll' in the KQ4 Hintbook. It shares that title with the 'bridge troll' in KQ1SCI (which was known as the Troll).

Troll of Tamir is not specifically an official designation. It is just a reference to the Trolls name, and its location.

In the game it is just described as the 'nasty troll' or the 'vicious troll'.


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