The Twin Pillars of the Moon were a location to the western edge of the Kingdom of Daventry. People lived under the view of the pillars[1]

The pillars is the name of a landmark to the west, within the jurisdiction of Kingdom of Daventry.

To the west of Castle Daventry, near the bottom of the hill where cairn of green stone was located, the western road narrowed before reaching the ancient forest where Morowyn lived. The road was framed by the two gnarled outcroppings of lichen-mottled stoned. The standing stones were located just where road flattened out, coming off the slope of the hill.The forest began a quarter mile beyond the stone outcroppings to the west.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Are the stones natural outcroppings, or 'standing stones' (see Circle of Stones, Stonehenge) the latter description implies human involvement with their location.


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