The Two Guys from Andromeda are individuals associated with Roger Wilco and have helped him retell his stories in interactive form.[1] Graham once saw a reference to the individuals inside of a hole in a rock in Kolyma.

Years later when Rosella was a little girl, she would encounter the odd pair while searching for her golden football. Rosella saw the strange pair, whom she thought were pigs, come wandering out of the woods.

"Have you seen my golden football, piggies?" Asked Rosella.

They admitted, "We're not pigs, we're Two Guys from Andromeda. And we saw your football. It got stuck in a timepod that was flying past." They pointed toward the woods, then vanished.

They also get mentioned by The Royal Scribe.

The glasses of one of the two guys was being sold in the Faux Shop in Falderal.


  1. Roger (Hoyle I):"Those Software Pirates have hated me ever since I rescued the Two Guys from Andromeda from the lime jello. They're probably behind this.

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