The Underworld is the land that lies beneath the Isle of the Dead, and the lower portion of the Realm of the Dead. It is where the River Styx flows and Samhain holds court. In King's Quest VI, it acts as the game over sequence. However, Alexander encounters the exact scene when alive also.


Behind the scenesEdit

The term 'underworld' may also refer to Hades or the Welsh underworld ruled by King Arawn[1] It can also refer to the underground garden where Aladdin was trapped. It also another name for the Vulcanix Underground, King Otar, was the Overlord of the Underworld. It may also refer to the Dimension of Death (but is not the same place as the Realm of the Dead).

In the KQ1 novelization, the Dragon's Lair is also referred to as the 'underworld'.[2]


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