The Underworld Entrance is the entrance into the Underworld of the Realm of the Dead. The entrance is a huge tendon-covered skull. The hideous skull-shaped formation's mouth is the doorway the Underworld below. The door appears to be made out of tendon-like filaments whih retract to 'swallow' the souls which enter. It is the portal through which all souls must pass to enter the Underworld. It is guarded closely to prevent any mortal man from getting in... or any soul from getting out.[1]

Two solemn skeletons admit the spirits who are drawn its tendon-bound maw, trance-like to enter the skull. Keyholder gives tickets to the spirits that enter the Underworld, while the Gatekeeper opens the gate to the Underworld. The grim guardians of the Underground Entrance stand eternally vigilant, admitting the souls of the dead, and making sure that they have the right token. Only the most unuasual of destractions can sway them from their duty.[2]

While the Key Master holds a key, there is no keyhole to be found on the tendon-covered door. Suggesting the key is for something else, but what for is not known.

Living skeletons are gathered around the entrance.


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