The Unicorn/Beast was a Beast who was once a Unicorn.


She was simply eating grass when horrible tempest caused by the loss of Mask of Eternity, struck and tossed her violently. But instead of being turned to stone when the tempest cleared, she was left confused and muddled. While she was bewildered, a vile Swamp Witch slithered out of the small pond where the Unicorn had been resting, and swiped her horn. With the loss of the horns she lost her appearance, rendered into a most hideous beast. The recovery of the horn would return her to her full and natural glory. Connor said he would keep an eye out for her horn and return it to her if he found it. But she did not hold out much hope of regaining her true form.

Connor also asked her about how to get to Castle Daventry so that he could check on the security of the king. She was sure by the Lord of Darkness that King Graham and his family had suffered the same fate as the rest of the mortal individuals in Daventry. She told him of a secret passage behind the Waterfall, that lead into the castle.

Connor restored her by returning her horn after he found it in Witch's Tower after he defeated the swamp witch. She couldn't believe it as she thought it was gone forever. She thanked Connor for the return of her horn, because her true form had been restored. To show her gratitude she presented to him a small Dimmed Crystal Pyramid. It had been darkened by foul magic, she did not know why, and believed Connor could seek the cause. He promised he would try to find the reason. She was sure by the Lord of Sunshine, that Connor was the Chosen One. She wished him luck and good speed, and then vanished in a ring of magic.

Behind the scenesEdit

Known as the Unicorn/Ugly beast in the KQ8 credits, or the Unicorn/Beast in KQ8 Hintbook.

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