The Vale of Obscurity is a little-known valley in the Hibestian Range east of the Kingdom of Daventry where the Ice Faeries once lived. 


The region is remembered as one of the lands destroyed in three recorded outbreaks of the wandering weevils. The second of these outbreaks occured in the Vale of Obscurity over 500 years before KQ3. The weevils had been inviolved in the destruction of Sideria some three hundred and twelve years before, and were not seen again for some time.

There is no record how the weevils got to the Vale of Obscurity, but in the spring, got there they did. Entomon Wilson's magical weevils began to devour all plants in the valley. Inside of a week the weevils had eaten every blade of mountain grass and eaten every flower. The Ice Faeries evacuated the Vale of Obscurity and took up residence three thousand miles to the west on the coast of the Sea of Barnacles.

After the faeries left no one ever visited the Vale of Obscurity again. It was supposed to be a difficult place to find in the first place.

It is unknown how the weevils left the valley. [1] But it would be another three hundred and sixty years before another outbreak occured, that time in the Duchy of the Solicitous Boar.

The vale lies approximately to the east of Daventry, but could also be to the east of Serenia proper. This may very well be related to the strange Valley of Diamonds with the cliff villages which lie to the east of Icebella's realm.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is unclear if the three thousand miles away exists on the continent of Daventry, or Tanalore, or another large island. In Kingdom of Sorrow there is a reference that implies that Daventry may be relatively close to the west coast, and is only a about a week from the Glass Mountains, the eastern sea is not far beyond that. On the other hand the novels use a different scale for the world than the video games and King's Quest Companions. With travel being a matter of days, rather than weeks compared to the novels.

It may be possible that the desolate location of the Kingdom of Sorrow was located in the remains of the Vale of Obscurity, or the valley near the Roc's nest (its possible that both could be one and the same location as well).


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