The Valley of Diamonds is a location in the Great Mountains where the Roc Nest is located.


The sailor Sinbad, on one of his voyages, found himself carried off by a giant bird, called a roc to a deep valley with walls too tall and steep to climb. The floor of the valley was covered with diamonds, a point not lost on Sinbad. He despaired, however, because without a way out, he would die amongst the riches. On the next day, large chunks of meat began falling out of the sky, thrown by people who collected the precious stones. It seemed that eagles nested in the area and had to feed their young. When the meat landed at the bottom of the valley, the sharp points of the diamonds would stick to them. The eagles would carry the flesh--and diamonds--to their nests. The hunters would follow them and collect the gems.

Sinbad had heard of this before, but thought it was just a tall tale. Not so! Sinbad concealed himself under the largest piece of meat and held on tight. He was carried--along with plenty of diamonds--to safety, much to the amazement of the diamond hunter's above.[1]

While traveling through the Great Mountains, Graham found himself captured by Mordack's Roc, and brought to its nest. He was left with the hatching baby roc. Graham recovered a locket there, and just as he was about to be eaten, an eagle whisked him away towards the Northern Sea.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Valley of Diamonds comes from the name of place as it appears in some of the Sinbad stories[2] and movies. Most of the description of the area, and roc and eagles comes from the King's Quest Companion 2nd Edition.

In the game there is not much known about the location other than how it relates to the Roc, and village itself is largely a mystery.


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