Venus was the mother of Cupid.


She once became jealous of a mortal girl by the name of Psyche. For it is said that Psyche's beauty was so great it rivaled that of Venus. For that reason, the goddess demanded that her son, Cupid shoot Psyche with his arrow of love, in hopes that Psyche would fall in love with some ugly, stupid oaf and be miserable for the rest of her life. Cupid accidentally wounded himself with his arrows, and fell in love with Psyche, and in time married her.

Venus continued harassing the girl out of blind jealousy, and gave her a number of impossible tasks to perform. Cupid finally interceded for his wife with Zeus, who decided that Psyche should become immortal. This made Venus feel much better, since no longer would a mere mortal be said to be as beautiful as the goddess.[1]


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