The Village of Druids is the home of the Druids on the Isle of the Mists. Some say it is a foolish thing even to set foot on the Isle of the Mists...but for those who do so, they might find something of interest.[1]


It is a small village. Arranged around the village in a circle are houses built into the hollows of huge trees. The grove of trees had been hollowed out to make the houses. In the center of the village is a fire pit. The trees appear to be cozy and dry, but a bit primitive. Steps lead up to many of the treehouse's entrances. The steps are sheltered by worn animal hides. Inside the dark entryways, are well-bolted wooden doors. A bearskin hangs on the trunk of one of the treehouses. The coarse brown fur looks warm, if a bit flea-bitten.

The clearing in the middle of the grove, is the location of the fire pit. The communal fire pit occupies a place of honor in the center of the little village. The fire pit, naturally enough, contains coal. A path to the south leads back to the beach, and a path to the east leads inland to the Circle of Stones. A horned animal skull is on display in the center of the village. Based on its central location, it perhaps serves as ceremonial protection against danger. Around the clearing is the village of treehouses.


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