The information from this article is from the fan game The Silver Lining or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

The Village of the Crown appears in The Silver Lining, though it has differences with the version in KQ6.

The Silver LiningEdit

A road to the west of main square & thoroughfare leads to a town square and the Market, in an older part of town that used to be thriving before Vizier Alhazred shut down ferry. It is the location of a bazaar[1]. A blacksmith, Crown Pint (the local Inn), the Four Winds, the main publishing hub of the The Four Winds, and the Olde Chompin Block (a restaurant) are located in buildings along the northern edge of the square. Set up around the square are various tents where various wares are sold, everything from old Lamps for new, flying carpets, maps, and clothing. In the center of the square was a exquisitely carved fountain. Behind the western square one can see that that village is large, and there many blocks. The modest but particularly unique village of the Isle of the Crown lies below tall hills.

The Isle of the Crown has prospered in the last few years, a booming economy has lead to a growth of the town, and allowing it's people to live comfortably.

TSL DemoEdit

Near the fountain was a cart from which candies and sweets were sold.

Behind the scenesEdit

The game's version of the village include two town squares (in contrast to official lore's single village square), the "main square" in TSL, and the old western Market square. In KQ6, vegetation grows where the road is located in TSL. One can see in the background of TSL that it's a pretty expansive place, with main buildings going off into the distance.

In official lore, it was said to be a rather small village, in the Guidebook, and that a single road, passes through the village, in the King's Quest Companion. The single road, Ferry Road passes through the town's single village square and into residential section, and it is said that are only a few small dirt paths in the town (you only get to see a little into the residential section through an arch, and the last house of the section before the road turns south to the Docks). Derek Karlavaegen's map for the village portrays only the three buildings of the Shop/Market district. Those are the only buildings that can be seen from the Crossroads.

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