Vines are plants that grows up the side of other plants, stone or masonry; creeping, clinging and tangling.


Clinging vines grow everywhere on the Enchanted Isle.[1]

Vines climb the stucco walls of Castle of the Crown.

Another type of vine with indigo blossoms clings to the side of Castle Daventry.[2]

Another unusual vine clings to the back wall the Ivory Tower.[3]

Creeping vines grow in the Dark Forest.

A sentient type of clinging vine grows in the Pun Garden known as the Clinging Vines.


  1. Narrator (KQ2):"The island is completely overgrown with foliage. Huge leaves, flowers, and clinging vines are everywhere."
  2. Narrator (KQ1SCI):"The castle walls are carpeted with a thick tangle of vines."
  3. Narrator (KQ4AGI): An unusual vine clings to the back wall of the palace entry hall.

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