The Vizier's Letter is an item in KQ6. It was written by Shadrack.

The letter sent by Shadrack was sent one month before Alexander reached the islands from wherever he was located. It was in response to a letter Mordack must have sent six months to a year before just after Mordack was killed, and Cassima returned to the Green Isles. It must have taken a very long time to reach Shadrack, and it took a month for Shadracks reply to reach Mordack. Mordack must have just received this letter and read it, and was writing a response tto send back to Shadrack which Alexander overheard. Had he had the chance to send his letter it probably would have taken month or more to get back to Shadrack as well. It is not certain how they are sending their correspondence back and forth to each other but it appears to be very slow.

Mordack kept a pile of letters in the chest in his room.

Letter, Version 1Edit

The letter is addressed to Abdul Alhazred from the Wizard Shadrack. It reads:

Greetings to a brother of the Black Cloak. I was sorry to hear of great Mordack's death, though he was a bit of a ninny at chess. It seems the plans for that little kingdom of yours are coming along. I must congratulate you on your handling of the king and queen. Isolating the islands so that no protest could develop was another brilliant stroke. It looks like there's not much left to stand in your way. Do as I recommended with the girl, and you shall have your crown."

Letter, Version 2Edit

To Alhazred, a brother of the Black Cloak, from Shadrack, also of that company, Greetings: I am sorry to hear of Mordack's death, but you seem to have the destruction of the kingdom well in hand. Turning the islands against one another, and eliminating the king and queen is a strategem worthy even of me. Do as I advise with that meddling brat Cassima and the crown shall surely be yours. "Shade"[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Known as the 'Vizier's Letter' in the KQ6 Hintbook.


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