Wands of Magic (aka magic wands) are magical paraphernalia used by magicians, wizard, and others of magical persuasion.


One of the three pieces of paraphernalia that no sorcerer is without, the other two being robes and a pointed hat. The wands are made of some powerful wood, harvested at a special time, and are usually carved with magical runes and decorations. The wand is thought to be a conduit through which the magical forces are transmitted from the spell caster to its target.

To be useful, magic wands need to be charged. There are many ways to do this; Manannan's cabinet was a chamber that tapped the magical energy fields and transmitted power through the aether to his wand. This had to be done on a regular basis or the wand would run out of power. Like a dead battery in the Other World, if this happened to the wand, it would be unable to be charged again. The wand that Crispin gave to King Graham was in such a state, whether through Crispin's forgetfulness, or his upgrading to better, or more modern, equipment.

However, with the right paraphernalia, new magical power can be transferred from a potent wand to an impotent one, depleting the charged wand in the process. this was how Graham was able to finally get Crispin's magic wand to work.[1]

It is said that wands are like pets. They have to get to know a user before they'll work for them. Casters must treat it with care and respect and hopefully it will do something for them.[2]

Wands of MagicEdit

Kept by Prince Alexander who uses in the preparation of all major spells.[3]


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