Warlocks are practitioners of the magic arts.[1] Essentially the male equivalent of a witch.


Warlocks come in flavors of good and evil, and the shades of black and white. Some follow the Left-Hand and others the Right-Hand paths.

Alexander-Gwydion whipped up a cookie that turned the foul-tempered warlock Manannan into a foul-tempered alley cat.

The familiar Cedric the Owl offers guidance and advice which he receives from a friendly old warlock, the great wizard Crispinophur.

Behind the scenesEdit

Warlocks are mentioned a few times in King's Quest lore, but mostly within the King's Quest Companion as an example of one of the practitioners of magic, along side witches. While its not specifically mentioned it can be assumed that warlocks are traditional gender specific class. This seems to fit with the few uses warlock to describe characters such as Mordack, or Crispin. All known witches have been generally female hags.

  1. KQC4E, pg 70

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