Warren Schwader was a programmer and designer on several sierra games including Hoyle series and Graham's Board Game Challenge.


He was a programmer that helped implement and create the world of Hoyle which Graham and Rosella visited on several occasions. He was behind Hoyle's Official Book of Games: Volume I, and Hoyle's Official Book of Games: Volume 3, as well as King Graham's Board Game Challenge. He was later a designer for Hoyle Classic Card Games (Hoyle 4). Being a computer character inside of a game was a new experience for him.[1]

He worked on the graphics for Hoyle 1 (and Hoyle 2, though Graham and Rosella do not appear in the latter).

While polite, he himself essentially sees Daventry as only existing in a game. A hypothesis that is deftly criticized by Graham, and Rosella.[2] [3]Though Rosella at least calls the world she is from  (and or the quests she has been on) "King's Quest".

He considers Daventry to be dangerous territory, and would not want to be programming there. He believes Oakhurst to be more important to life than Daventry. He was an arcade programmer, and not really into adventure games. He finds "King's Quest program" interesting, but since there was so little time for Reality, he just isn't concerned with dragons and castles.

Behind the scenesEdit

His daughter is Christina in the game.

He is also known for working on Jones and the Fast Lane.


  1. My name is Warren Schwader. I've been designing and programming computer games since 1977. However, being a computer character is a new experience for me. I have gathered some of my favorite card games in this collection. I hope that you'll enjoy them."
  2. Do you honestly believe, Sir Warren, that my life and adventures are naught but a computer game? 'Tis impossible, I assure you!, "How could it be possible that I, my family, and all of the realm of Daventry could be contained within a machine? Indeed, sirrah, this is truly unbelievable!
  3. Rosella (Hoyle 1):Are you inferring we are only characters in a computer game, sirrah? I think you are truly mistaken.", "Surely you cannot believe that we are only computer characters in this game, Sir Warren?

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