Wedzel wolves are a species of wolf


They live and migrate between Daventry and Serenia. In Daventry they live in the Spooky Woods. Wedzel wolves are super aggressive during the fall. Yhey travel north to the hills of Serenia for mating season.

When the Daventry Bridge Troll Guild went on strike, like the citizens and merchants of Daventry, they became stranded in the kingdom until the bridges were fixed.

A charity, the Wedzel Rescue was created, because ecause Wedzels suffer alone, and are terrified every day.

The local Town of Daventry keeps a Wedzel Wolf Watch Program (Wedzel Watch Program, Wedzel Wolf Watch and Wedzel Wolf Watch Patrol) to keep the wolves out of the Townsquare. Those who keep the back gate of the town closed can receive a Wedzel Patch.

After Graham became a knight, and things improved in Daventry. With the bridge strike resolved, supplies could be delivered to shops again. Business started to pick up, and the wedzel wolves stopped harassing the town and migrated north, back to Serenia.

Biological traitsEdit

Wedzels are generally fearless and aggressive, and will eat almost anything that moves. The only thing that spooks them are blue magic flames.

Wedzels leave wedzel droppings all over the woods.


  • Pillare doesn't like wedzel droppings tracked all over her back.
  • Wente Fey contributes regularly to the Wedzel Rescue.
  • Acorn trapped live Wedzels to use as his hideous eye for the entrance examination into the knight tournament. He created a song called the Wedzel Lullaby, which he sings while trapping the creatures.

Behind the scenesEdit

Wedzel wolves appear to take some inspiration from the Rodents of Unusual Size in the Princess Bride.

They also seem to be inspired by the brown wolves that appear in King's Quest I SCI.

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