The Weirdling Shaman is a weirdling living in the Barren Region.


She is a shaman, although she may also be the chief of the village as well. As a shaman she heals the sick, revives the dying, and banishes evil spirits. Her magic is so potent, she can even resurrect the dead.

She can heal the sick and cure the dying for the price of 25 gold coins. Connor could take her up on her offer, if he was ever injured. She sits cross-legged levetating over her red-carpeted dais in the Weirdling Shaman's Hut.

Behind the scenesEdit

You gain experience for just talking to her, however she serves very little use after that. The way she emphasizes the resurrecting the "DEAD" could possibly point to a her having had a more important role in earlier in the game's development. However, this is not known.

The shaman's voice actor is not mentioned in the game's credits.

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