The Weirdling Tradesman was a weirdling living in Weirdling Village in the Barren Region.


He helped Connor out for the cost of 10 gold coins and a trade-in of his previous weapon, by making him a black diamond spear so he could defeat the Basilisk. He also sold the Heavy Compound Crossbow, Long Bow, and Battle Axe.

He will sell his battle axe at full price if the customer doesn't have another hand weapon trade in. He gives discounts for trade-ins.

When Connor came to the Barren Region, the tradesman told him of the Basilisk and offered to make him a Black Diamond Pike with which to kill it. Once Connor gave him the necessary materials, his old weapon and ten gold coins, the tradesman crafted the pike. He then told Connor that the Basilisk's only vulnerable spot was just behind its head. Connor later asked him about an exit from the realm and the tradesman pointed him towards the Fire Dwarf Lair.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was portrayed by Bill Farmer

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