The Were-Woods (aka Were-Forest, Were-forest , and the Wood of the Werefolk[1]) is the dreaded dark wood of the Were Folk of Eldritch.

Behind the scenesEdit

It lies between Ooga Booga and the Bountiful Woods. Creatures too horrid to think upon reside within its borders. It is part of the region collectively known as The Woods which contains both the Bountiful Woods and the Were-Woods.

Behind the scenesEdit

The woods are called "Wood of the Werefolk/Were Folk/Were folk"  and "Were woods" in the script in the files of KQ7. In KQC it is referred to as the Were-Woods and Were-forest/Were-Forest. In the KQ7 Hintbook referred to as the Were-woods.


  1. Attis (KQ7):"The only known portal to the Vulcanix Underground lies west, beyond the Wood of the Werefolk..."

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