Were-bears are a race of were-beasts. This is a reference to the were-bears of King's Quest 7


They live in the woods between DaventrySerenia and Eldritch, and throughout Serenia woods. They are vicious creatures.[1]

Were-bears are one of the common foods of the Well Dragons, along with lost travelers. ...or until they get tired of them.[2]

There are rumors that within the Serenia woods, on nights of a full moon, that a song heard trilling through the trees is from a were-bear luring travelers into the darkness. They are never seen again.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The references to were-bears so far might be a combination reference to the bear in KQ5, and the were-bear in KQ7.

If the player had freed the dragon in Chapter 1, Hagatha will mention that it might return once it got tired of eating of were-bears and lost travelers.

"Were-bear" is one of the options you can choose when Whisper writes the 'love-poem' for Graham to give to Hagatha (KQGS). The others include Wild snute, Owl, and Bridge troll.


  1. Graham (KQC1): "Is it for battling vicious were-bears?"
  2. Hagatha (KQC3): "It'll return when it's tired of feeding off were-bears and lost travelers."

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