Western Kolyma is a nation in the western side of the island and kingdom of Kolyma (KQGS).


Western Kolyma is a poor kingdom in island of Kolyma. It has repeated financial problems over the years. The ruling family there has 15 children. Princess Neese (Valanice of Western Kolyma) was middle child in the kingdom. Because they had such a large family they could afford to send their children to fancy schools, instead children are self-tutored (at least is the case for the middle children). Do to financial issues members of the family do not travel much. Neese herself had never travelled outside of Western Kolyma.

The ruling family is known to be loving and very rowdy.

There is a troubled political relationship between Western Kolyma and Eastern Kolyma. Though Neese and Vee were able to keep a friendship since childhood.

Behind the scenesEdit

While there is a West Kolyma (or western half of Land of Kolyma ('western Kolyma')), it is very different meaning than in the new series. In the Companion, there is mention of 'western Kolyma' a land that is officially known as the Land of Kolyma, and was the homeland of Valanice (though its not known where she lived, though the magic amulet did take her back to the Monastery), her parents in contrast were specifically from 'eastern Kolyma' in the Kingdom of Kolyma. It's not clear how Land of Kolyma ('western Kolyma') became the homeland of Valanice, when her parents were originally from eastern Kolyma. It's also known that Valanice grew up in a castle, but its never specifically said where that castle was located. This has left some fans to speculate that Castle Daventry once belonged to her family.

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