The Western Sea is the sea that borders eastern edge of Tanalore, and Western and northwestern edges of the continent of Daventry (aka Serenia).


During the spring, wind blows into Daventry from the western sea.[1] The Western Sea lies west and south-west of the Northern Sea, and north of the Great Sea Ocean and Southern Sea.

The exact boundary of where the Western Sea turns into the Northern Sea is not clear. Gwydion traveled on the Western Sea, although his trajectory was roughly northwest of the continent of Daventry.

The Sea of Barnacles may be located in or near the western sea.

The sea was once the home to the pirates of the western the sea.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the first edition of the King's Quest Companion, there is no mention of the Northern Sea. The maps include in the book are loosely based on the maps seen in KQ3. On the main world map, the Western Sea encompasses both what would later be known as the Western Sea and the Northern Sea. In the 2nd Edition the edges between both seas are a bit more fuzzy, with the Western Sea and Northern Sea kinda blending somewhere north of the continent. With the Western Sea marked on the northwest of the continent, and northern sea lying about northeast of the continent. By the third edition the Northern Sea is listed almost directly north of the continent, and Western Sea northwest of the continent.

The Western Sea is occasionally spelled lower case 'western sea' in the Companion and also in the novels.

The ocean seen on the maps in KQ8 is either the 'western sea', or the Great Sea Ocean. Although its unclear exactly which, as it is impossible to tell where Castle Daventry is located in relation to the rest of continent in that game. Due to the way the world map is aligned the ocean appears to be to the top of the map.

Likely due to the confusing use of "Western Sea" (being on the East coast of Llewdor), Derek Karlavaegen has east and west flipped in his documents for whatever reason, but in actuality the desert is in the west and ocean is to the east. This was probably an editing mistake by the actual author Peter Spear.


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