The Whale is a large mammal living of the coast of Tamir.


Rosella was swallowed whole by a whale--the species of which was not noticed in the panic of the moment--while she was swimming back to Tamir from Genesta's isle. She escaped by tickling the inside of its throat with a peacock feather she had found on the beach at Genesta's. Rosella recalled unimaginable stench and stomach fluids that burned the bare parts of her legs--much like a sunburn, but without the fresh air and cool breeze. She was able to see because of a fluorescence that clung to much of the debris that was dissolving in the stomach acid, perhaps as a by-product of digestion.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the KQ4 Hintbook the whale is referred to as the 'The Whale'.

The Whale is largely inspired by the events of such things as Jonah, and Pinocchio which involve a whale swallowing the grandfather and later the puppet.


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