Wilbur Whateley was an inhabitant or owner of Whateley Manor and had connections to Innsmouth.


He was one the last owners or inhabitants of Whateley Manor when the house was withdrawn from the Other World. Rosella had to pacify five ghosts who haunted his mansion including the spirit of a former lord of the manor from before the days of old, dark Wilbur Whateley.[1]

The folk of Innsmouth were powerful sorcerers. Most ran into the sea and disappeared immediately upon arriving in Tamir perhaps heading for R'lyea. They spoke little; they left no tales. The ones who stayed on land gurgled what little information that had been passed down, and then locked themselves inside the mansion. They disappeared from sight, and soon the eerie glows and rays which stabbed from the house at night vanished also. In time the hauntings began. It is unclear what happened to Wilbur, and if his spirit still haunted the mansion.

Behind the scenesEdit

Wilbur Whateley is a character from H.P. Lovecraft's story the Dunwich Horror.

In the story he was a child born of his mother and Yog-Sothoth in 1913. He later died when he was mauled by a dog in 1928 at a library while trying to get a hold of a copy of the Necronomicon. He was not fully human, and a strange anatomy and physical traits. He needed the dark book to help summon his father into the world. His soul escaped only to be chased by whippoorwhils, but it is unknown if they caught it..

As Wilber dies in the story its possible that Wilber hadn't withdrawn with the mansion. Although it is possible that his ghost haunted the mansion. On the other hand Wilber was born and raised most of his life in Dunwich. In which case he may have spent very little time in the Innsmouth house, and his soul would have had to have flown to the Innsmouth mansion. In addition its possible that what was left his 'corpse' could have been moved to and buried in the cemetery or crypt.

Coincidentally Wilbur Whately was also known as 'Willy'. Which is the same as the boy ghost in KQ4. Although they are from different eras.


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