William Baker
William Baker was the owner of the Baker Bros. Bake House in Serenia. He and his brothers Jym and Tam Baker make wonderful pies.


Custard pies are one of his most popular deserts, the recipe was handed down from his mother. He was a member of the Baker family of minstrels, but stopped when his parents retired. While his brothers were busy continuing their minstrelling in the Fantabulous Baker Boys he was busying taking care of his retired parents, and improving his baking skills following his mother and grandmother's recipes.

His brothers worked as minstrels at the local Country Inn, but later quit when their career wasn't successful and bought the bakery down the road from the inn. William brought success to the business selling pies and other baked goods, while his brothers did most of the baking and tried to keep the delivery wagon repaired.

Behind the scenesEdit

In KQ5 credits he is listed simply as the Baker. In the KQ5 Hintbook, he is listed as being one of the 'Baker Brothers', who are two big burly fellows that run the town Bakehouse. They are listed separately from the Man Fixing Broken Wagon. The King's Quest Companion connected the Man fixing the wagon as another of the Baker Bros in the An Encyclopedia of Daventry, however William Baker is not specifically mentioned. He does appear in the novel however (though his name is not mentioned).

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