Willy is a boy who died in 1546 in the Other World, and buried in the Whateley cemetery before it was brought over.


His gravestone reads;

Reader, here lies--but forbear
To read more without tear, one--I cannot speak the rest,
You may weep. I'll smite my breast,
Grief preventing, and this stone,
Too small to be written on.
Only this--a little boy,
Willy--in Abram's bosom's laid.

He haunted the Whateley Manor, teasing people to follow him to the second bedroom, where he had lowered the trapdoor to the attic for them to follow. He guarded a chest in the attic. Rosella calmed his soul by returning his toy horse.

Behind the scenesEdit

Willy is also known as the Little Boy Ghost (one of two characters in the KQ series to share that title).[1]

Willy coincidentally (although possibly directly inspired Peter Spear) was the nickname of Wilbur Whateley although they were from different eras (Wilbur Whateley was from the 20th century born in 1913 and died in 1928). Wilbur died when he was 15, and his ghost escaped his body in the story the The Dunwich Horror.


  1. KQ4 Hintbook, pg 30

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