'Willy Beamish (not to be confused with Willy) was a young boy who visited Daventry from across the Sierra multiverse.


Willy was traveling in Daventry, when he and his frog took Rosella's golden football from Robin Hood. He later encountered Rosella when she went looking for him. He was standing on a board, kicking hte gorund, and saying words Rosella had never heard before. The green frog was sitting on his shoulder. He told her his nam was Willy, and asked her how they skateboard around her kingdom. Rosella asked him if he had seen her ball, while petting the frog. Willy told her he had, but that a lady with curly hair, Laura Bow: had said it was evidence and ran off with it. She thanked him, and kissed the frog, nothing happened, but the frog grinned. Then Rosella left him alone in the forest.

Willy was once interviewed along with Rosella and Graham by Bookwyrm.

Willy would later encounter Graham, Larry Laffer, Roger Wilco, and again Laura Bow and challenged them to card games. But they didn't have much to say (though he did mention his frog Horny a few times, and the fact he likes to skateboard).

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