The Witch is inspired by the gingerbread witch of fairy tales and Dahlia from King's Quest I. It is not known if she actually exists or simply a 'fairy tale', 'myth' or legend told to children and Goblins.


There was once an old lady who always spoke of \"letting your eagle soar.\. She jumped from the back of a flying dragon, only to land on a griffin that she flew into an evil witch's hut, and saved two tiny, plump children.

It's not clear if she was telling the truth or not, but Muriel met her once.

The Stone Goblins of the Goblin Caves tell fairy tales about a witch that lives in the forest. They compared The Hobblepots to the witch and locked her away in a cell marked with a sign showing the witch.

This is one of the stories told to the goblins by Manny.

Other WitchesEdit

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