The Witch House (aka Witch's House) is the home of the Witch of the Dark Forest.


The house is a crude, misshapen structure. A small door fronts the odd structure. The dark forest encases the witch's bizarre little house like a claustrophobic shroud. The strange little house sits forlornly, surrounded by a hot, deep crevasse, spewing hot steam and flames. The crevasse leads to Hades. It can only be reached via a bridge of rib-like bones. A path continues to the front door of the odd little house. The path dwindles down to nothing as it nears the strange structure. old witch's house had been crudely fashioned from an old tree trunk and salvaged stone. It has a cold, creepy feeling to it.

A set of narrow stone steps winds precariously upwards in the back of the room. The steps are much too narrow for larger humans to fit through.

A crude drawer was built into the trunk of a tree which was poking awkwardly through the house. An intricate trunk had been tucked under a large crack in the wall that seemed to serve as a window. An interesting incense burner hangs from a protruding tree branch, where the witch burned dried mugwump.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Witch House is one of two Witch's Houses in the King's Quest series. The original was the Gingerbread House in KQ1.

This location is known as the witch's house in KQ5 Hintbook. It's also referred to as the Witch's House in KQC, 2nd Edition, and the Witch House in the 3rd/4th Edition. It is referred as the Witch's Tree Hovel in the Quest for Daventry.


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