The Wizard's House is the home of the Wizard of Daventry. But the name can also apply to Manannan's House as well.


It is built on the cliffs of Wizard's Island. Connor reached the house by climbing up a cliff with his Rope and Hook. Inside to the right of the entrance is a celestial globe. A wall decoration of a sun hung on right hand wall. Across from the entrance was the wizard's bed covered with a red blanket. On the back wall was a wall decoration of two scythes, a globe and six skulls, with some kind of writing under them. To left of the house was a desk with a skull candle, and a glass ball. Connor discovered a Potion of Invisibility under the desk. Above the desk was a bookshelf with several books. Next to the desk was a bookstand where the Wizard's Book of Magical Formulae and an ink bottle where a magical quill was kept. After Connor used the Magical Quill he was able to retrieve the Jupiter Parchment from the book. The Jupiter parchment allowed him access into secret compartment inside of the celestial globe, and access to a hidden Potion of Reveal. With the potion Connor was able to find an illusory chest which held the Large Silver Bell.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the Official Book of King's Quest, Manannan's House is also known as the Wizard's House.

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