The Woods of Daventry is the location explored in King's Quest I (and briefly revisited in King's Quest III), it makes up part of the green hills of Daventry (Daventry Hills).


These where the woods that Graham explored as a knight to find the lost Three Great Treasures of Daventry, and earned his crown. He only explored the small region blocked by the Magical law of "containment" (causing him to wrap around back to the other side woods if he travelled too far), and nearby areas of Land of the Leprechauns (which lay on the Mushroom Isle beyond the Raging River and River Fools), and the Land of the Clouds (which lay far above the woods up through the Door into Mountain).

Castle Daventry was built in this region, and it was roughly the limits of its domain as King Edward lost control of his kingdom.

Years later much of the forest would be burned and scorched by the Three-headed Dragon. Other catastrophes such as the Great Tear would rip a crevasse across the land as well. Many landmarks shifted, and the region shrunk further, with barriers placed to keep the Dragon from spreading its destruction further, but amplifying the destruction within the kingdom.

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Beyond the woods, and perhaps beyond the farmlands of Daventry lies the Old Woods ruled by the Woodland faery and outside of the domain of Daventry. It makes up an area that is also known as the "Countryside" of Daventry.[1] This is a very small region, only a few square miles at the most. In relation both the Castle and the Ancient Well lie very 'near' to each other, despite being nearly across the map from each other (though part of this maybe an effect of the Magical law of "containment"). A river or two combine together, and passes through the middle of the region. Daventry town lies very near the edge of this region (though it is was not accessible during Graham's quest for the crown due to the "containment"), and grew, and dominated the former river region (but saw destruction by the Three-Headed Dragon years later).

It is unclear if the Land of the Leprechauns and the Door into Mountain exist within or outside the edge of the region, due to the wrapping nature of the "containment".

The woods are themselves divided into two regions known as West Daventry and East Daventry. Each of which may be further divided into Southwest Daventry and Northwest Daventry, and Southeast Daventry, and Northeast Daventry.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Perhaps not a proper capitalized location, the description of woods of Daventry is used in the The Official Book of King's Quest series in the acknowledgements section (see The Official Book of King's Quest: Daventry and Beyond). In the King's Quest I Hintbook it might be called simply the "Countryside".


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