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IA universeEdit

Daventry, Llewdor and Tamir seem to be on desperate islands or continents. Serenia may even be on its own continent. Largely inspired by the maps of the original KQ3.

AGDI universeEdit


The world is known as 'earth', but possibly also Daventria.

The western continent is home to Llewdor and Shapeir. The great Llewdorian desert separates the two nations. The Kingdom of Daventry is located on an eastern continent several days across the seas from Llewdor. The mysterious Treasure Island lies in-between.

Eusperia lies somewhere near Daventry, but its unclear if its on its own continent or shares it with Daventry.

Another major land is land of Kolyma which lies almost a day away from Daventry by boat to the south. Near there under the sea lies Neptune's Kingdom (unofficial) and the Underwater Realm of the Sharkees.

Tamir is a distant land as well, where Lolotte attempts to rule (the Green Isles presumably exist as well, Shamir Shamazel (unofficial) travels from there to visit Llewdor on occasion).

Apparently all the current continents and islands were once part of a super continent named Daventria founded by Legenimor. But was shattered in a cataclysm forming the new continents.

IA universeEdit


The continent of Daventry is a small contingent consisting of high mountains and the Kingdom of Daventry. Llewdor is located a few days across the sea.

IF universeEdit

Daventry (aka King's Quest) is the name of the world in the King's Quest ZZT universe. It is referred to King's Quest or Daventry by its inhabitants. "Gold Rush? This is King's Quest!"

The known lands of King's Quest includes the continent of Daventry, the island of Tamir, and the island of Llewdor, and Rebellion Isle. Serenia is apparently on its own island as well. The dating system is based off of major events that occurred in the world, for example King's Quest 3 is the name of an era.

It appears that Quest for Glory ZZT also appears in this world, as Ansil appears in that game as well.

TSL universeEdit


In TSL the maps are inspired by the maps in the third edition of the KQ Companion.

Kingdoms and locationsEdit

TSL introduces a number of original locations as well.